Sunday, April 27, 2014

InspirationFX: Organic Leaves

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Organic Leaves
by: Dwyn Tomlinson
New - cork leather! And boy, is it yummy! Just as super easy to use as the leather, matte finish, and a nice, smooth, silky feel to it. A little stiffer and springier than the regular leather, I think.

Cut the cork to length - I used 8 inches, add the beads, and dry fit the clasp, then glue on. The beads were a little slidey - so I glued the end two in place.

I've also pictured below another bracelet with beads held on with wire wrapping. Unfortunately - the beads shown are long out of stock and from my private stash, but you could use whatever beads you have. I used about a 22 gauge wire, start a wrap, and wrap very tightly. Add a bead, a few more wraps, etc. If you wind up with a little slack in the wire when you are done, grasp the wire with your roundnose pliers and give a quarter turn, it adds a decorative twist that also tensions up the wire for a more secure wrap. (See photo below.)

Have fun with this "leather" - I think it might be addictive!



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