Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Carol Cypher's Class - Class Fees Reduced!

We've heard a few 'birdies' whisper in our ear that they would love to come to one (or more!) of Carol Cypher's classes, but the budget is a little tight at the moment...Hmmm...Let us help!

Effective immediately, the class fee for any one of Carol's classes will be:
$150 per class! (plus HST, of course)

That's a savings of $20 per class! At this price, we cannot offer additional volume discounts for taking more than one class. Don't worry, if you've already registered for a class, we will be calling you to refund the difference.

Remember - there is limited seating; register early to avoid disappointment! To register, call the store at (416) 751-1911.

Who is Carol Cypher? Carol Cypher, a professional fiber artist focusing on feltmaking and beadwork, is known for her provocative pairing of the two mediums. Cypher teaches workshops throughout the U.S.A., Australia, Germany, the U.K. and Japan, and her work is exhibited and widely published in these places.
Friday, April 25
9:00am - 8:00pm
Dragon Cuff Bracelet and Reflections of Shatki Necklace (2 projects)
This extended class features two projects that go well together! Intermediate class

Dragon Cuff Bracelet (shown above): You'll never want to take this comfortable and clingy bracelet off! The new beads called rizo beads work beautifully to enhance this wonderfully wavy bracelet made of the new peanut beads. After whipping up the base add flair and "make waves" using a special thread that is both sturdy and slightly springy. This project slides over your hand and conforms to your wrist. It has fit perfectly, every single beader who has made one!

Reflections of Shakti Necklace (shown right): Whip up this wonderfully wavy necklace that curves and bends to your whim. Center a unique and REVERSIBLE focal element, whose core is mirrors rather than the usual cabochon. Dangle from this bezel a dramatic ring of daggers. (Make 2 more of the dagger rings to wear as matching earrings.) Carol will provide a Tulip cellulose head pin and a pair of mirrors for the pendant.

Saturday, April 26
10:00am - 5:00pm
A Bevy of Bezels all Day

 Create beautiful beaded bezels in an array of sizes and shapes that are lovely from every angle. This method, focusing primarily on an African Polygon stitch, produces highly textured and corrugated beadwork. Each tiny beaded basket securely holds its rivoli or faceted stone. You'll be amazed at how joyfully and quickly they work up. Unlike usual bezel styles worn flat and viewed straight-on, these bezels beg to be worn in ways that display all 360 degrees of their elegance. Advanced class

Sunday, April 27
10:00am - 5:00pm
Hand Felted Complex Cane Beads Necklace 

Invest a day in creatively magical felt making and leave with a finished, though damp, felt bead necklace! Borrowing the concept from glass, clay and culinary artists, build a collection of canes of fine merino wool using a skewer. Bundle the canes, individually and in groups, depending on your design. Borrow or purchase a Turbo Felting Board to accelerate the intensive felting and fulling of the "complex cane" into firm and solid felt. Experience the thrill of slicing the felt to reveal your unique complex cane felt beads . Compose a stunning necklace using your fresh new beads with glass/gemstone/metal beads or chain. All levels including Beginner

See our website for the complete descriptions of each class, including what is needed to bring with you. A kit fee is required for the felting class.

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