Monday, April 07, 2014

InspirationFX: Juicy Fruit

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Juicy Fruit
by: Pam Kearns
I’ve been looking through the Spring fashion magazines and have noticed that flowers, pastels and prints are expected to be "in style." I immediately thought about using the LunaSoft cabochons, but was puzzled about what to put them on. Then it hit me – can I use Crystal Clay as a surface to attach them to? The answer – Yes!
Instead of placing Crystal Clay in bezels, I used them as I would Art Clay Silver. After combining the clay and epoxy, I rolled small quantities out. To fix the problem of the clay being too sticky, I used mica powder to ‘dust’ my surfaces (same as using flour when rolling out dough) – on the work surface, the roller and texture plates. The mica powder adheres to the clay so you don’t need to add more unless you want to.
Initially I rolled out the clay then sandwiched the clay between two texture plates and rolled them again. I used small cutters to cut out the shapes. To put the holes in the pieces, I used a plastic stir stick to poke through the clay. I added the cabochons at the same time by using small balls of the clay between the cutout and the cab. Alternatively, you could also glue the cabs on after the clay dried. You can reuse the bits by adding them to more of the mixed clay and kneading them in.
Once finished, I allowed the clay cutouts to cure overnight. The pieces are extremely lightweight and strong (I tried breaking one – the clay piece wouldn’t break).
To complete the necklace, I placed wrapped loops between the cutouts, adding the cutout before completing the wrapped loop.
This is something I’m going to play with more! The one package of Crystal Clay made over 20 cutouts in the two sizes I used.



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