Thursday, April 17, 2014

Iced Enamels!

s39060 Iced Enamels -  Relique Powder - Turquoise (15 ml)Enamels: Classic. Colourful. Versatile. But the process: Messy. Dusty. Dangerous to Breathe. s39074 Iced Enamels -  Medium -  (1 oz)Needs a kiln or torch. Pickle. Soldering. Do you love the look, but are intimidated by the process?

So what if we told you about an enamel that didn't have all of that? That was quick and easy to use. How about Iced Enamels? New from Susan Lenart Kazmer (the Ice Resin lady) comes Relique Powder - a "cold" enamel.

Cold enamel means that it is not a glass powder that require firing. Instead - this is a shredded resin that melts when exposed to moderate amounts of heat (like a gentle heating with a heat gun.)
The basic idea is that you paint this medium onto the metal item of your choice, sprinkle on the Iced Enamel, heat gently until it fuses together, and then add a protective coat of Ice Resin. Easy peasy.
So easy - I can do it! (See example above - my first try!)

s39139 Pendant Bezel - Small Hobnail Heart - Brass (2)s39134 Pendant Bezel - Large Hobnail Shield - Antique Silver (1)And, now that you have that to play with - how about some bezels to fill up? A great selection of bezel pendants and links in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and in two colours!

s39039 Bracelet Blank - Size 8.5 Wide Channel Bangle - Copper Plated (1)And if those aren't "foundation" enough for you to build on ... we have some new bracelet bangle and cuffs for you to play with! The bangles - well - polymer clay, epoxy clay, resin, paint ... glue in leather - If I had any skills39030 Bracelet Blank -  Cuff with Bezel Edge - Goldplated (1) at all with circular peyote stitch - I would say a delica dragon pattern worked around the bangle would look awesome! As it is - it will probably be the cuff for me and epoxy clay - I have an idea for a pegasus bracelet ... . The bangles come in sizes, and they all come in brass, silver and copper. The copper is cool - haven't seen these in copper before!

s39162 Tools -  Easy See Crafters Tape - Yellow (Spool)
If you are going to try tackling a pattern for peyote stitch or loomwork, and constantly losing your place is making you crazy, try some transparent, removable tape! Like removable highlighter, just stick this over your current place in the pattern, and then peel off and move as you progress. Great for when you have to put a project down to do something dull and pedestrian, like feed the family or go to work. Also good if you actually wind up watching the t.v. show that you are sitting and beading in front of ... . ;-)

You may have noticed, we're doing a bit of re-organizing on the site too - to make it easier to find stuff. Like the Leather, which is now all together in its very own section, along with the beads and findings that fit on the leather! And the Stone Beads and Pendants are now easy to find at the top level, as are the Metal Beads. And more will happen soon too - must be wishing-for-spring-cleaning!!
Speaking of spring - a happy Easter to you all. The store will be closed Friday and Sunday for the holidays, but open on Saturday and Monday! The website, of course, never closes! ;-)
So anyway - Click on a link or image above, or get started with all the new items here and get creating!

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