Thursday, April 10, 2014

All Hail the Mighty Seedbead!

So tiny, and yet - so powerful. If you feel a little like maybe the seedbead could be your friend, if only you knew how - then sign up for a class with Carol Cypher, who is coming from New York state to teach three different classes on April 25 (Dragon Cuff/Shakti Necklace) (Two, 2! separate projects!), April 26 (A Bevy of Beaded Bezels) (as in - I want to use those big fancy stone with no hole and I don't know how and don't want to do metal-smithing), and April 27 (Hand Felted Complex Cane Beads). Seriously - Felted Murrini? How awesome is that? I can't begin to tell you the level of excitement around here - it's non-stop from the seedbeady staff!

And do we have a deal for you! The price of each class has been reduced to $150 each (with nominal kit fees extra). These aren't your wimpy little 2 hour classes either - these are all-day, full-brain bead-immersion classes too! Comparable classes at Bead & Button are more expensive - to say nothing of the cost of going there!

If you google Carol Cypher, you get a world of wonderful, colour-filled images of her work - as her actual website is a little, ahem, "neglected." So call the store and sign up now! 416-751-1911 or toll free 877-476-2323!

So what else is new and wonderful this week?

More Shaped Beads! 

s38922 Glass Beads - Czechmates - 6 mm Two Hole Triangles - Cobalt Vega
s39081 Czech Seedbeads -  O Beads - Magic AppleCzechmate Triangles and O Beads! It's wonderful time to be a "seed bead"-er - with all the fabulous new s39094 Czech Seedbeads -  O Beads - Jet Sliperitshapes being invented. O Beads are exactly what they sound like, 4 mm wide O-shaped beads with a big 1.3 mm hole! Czechmates Triangles have two holes, and the hole line up with the holes in the other "Czechmate" beads, like the squares ... . There will be more of both of these to come, but with 20 colours of the Os and 37 colours of the triangles, you have s38936 Glass Beads - Czechmates - 6 mm Two Hole Triangles - Matte Siam Ruby Irissome exploring to do!

s38735 Stone Beads - 30 mm Coin - Ice Obsidian (1)However, not everyone's cup of tea is a seedbead, or even a small bead, so for you, we have some stone beads.

How about some Ice, Ice Obsidian? Ice Obsidian, instead of the intense black of regular obsidian, has a smokey colour and streakys and runs of transparent - giving it a vibe much like smokey quartz! This is from the Caucasus Mountains and is fairly hard to get - due to complex regulations regarding exporting it!
s39019 Stone Beads - 12 mm Square - Matte Red Creek Jasper (strand)

And, on the other hand, we have some Matte Red Creek Jasper. The silky smooth matte finish of these stones makes them elegant and earthy at the same time. These beads have an extra step in the process of making them - after they are polished, they are finished another step to complete the look. The desert sunset colour scheme looks particularly fine in this finish!

So, from the timeless and earthy appeal of stone to the sophistication and culture of seedbeads, you have choices!

Always, lots of choices! Click on a link or image above, or get started with all the new items here. Happy Creating!!

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