Sunday, April 06, 2014

InspirationFX: Cactus Cocktail

Get your creative juices flowing

Cactus Cocktail
by: Kelly Garland
One of the easiest bracelets to create and one you'll gather the most compliments on!! The great thing about button drops is how they stack, creating a unique pattern that is reminiscent of reptile scales or those lovely hanging cactii - Burro's Tail.
Combined with the Swarovski bezel clasp, this is unique bracelet you'll love wearing. I've used sterling silver elements for this but a more economical version can be done in any metal.
Create one end by looping and crimping. You want your loop to be small and unobtrusive, as it will be seen. Add your crimp cover and start stringing the button beads, occasionally stopping to 'stack' them on your string. To do this, hold your work vertically and gently turn the beads clockwise, so they align with one another snugly.
Stop when you've reached your desired length. It's always a good idea to do your math beforehand, so you know exactly what you need and where you're going. ;-)
Now create another loop with crimp and cover. Attach the clasp with two oval jumprings for visual interest. Make sure the beads stay nice and tight during this process or too much space will be created.
You did it! Enjoy wearing with pride!



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