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Thursday, October 24, 2013

New This Week:

Spikes and Studs at BeadFX

s37640 Glass Beads - 12 mm Bead Stud - Jet Sliperit (1)
Two weeks ago - we teased you with the promise of more Bead Studs. While we're sorry to say that we're still not stocking Johnny Depp, complete with his pirate beady dangles (apparently, his agent doesn't seem to think that would be a good career move for him. Go figure.) - we do have more of these intriguing squat pyramid shapes! With two holes, they beg to be worked into bracelets, stitched onto leather, worked into bead weaving designed, and otherwise experimented and played with! And, after all, playing with your beads is the point, isn't it?
s37646 Glass Beads - 13 mm Spikes - Green Grass Picasso (1)Find them here: Bead Studs!

s37647 Glass Beads - 13 mm Spikes - Granite (1)Need some Spikes to go with those studs? Boy, are we getting edgy here - Spikes AND Studs. New size of spikes, an in-between size - 13 mm. These glass spikes were originally inspired by stone beads, and some of them do have a very stone-like appearance - which should not be taken for granite.

s37637 Swarovski Elements - Sew-on Stone - 3 mm 3128 Round - Jet (72)
Also new this week - a selection of 3 and 4 mm flat, round Swarovski Article 3128 sew-on stones - which I can best describe as an uber-sequin. They are flat, with a hole in the middle, but not as flat as a sequin. They are still a faceted stone, and can be used for embellishing fabric and textile creations, or stringing. Find them here, in the Swarovski Sew-On Stones section.

On sale this week* - 25% off! It's not very often that we say "think small" - but in this case - 3 mm beads are small! Whether you use them as accents and spacers for bigger beads, or work them into your bead weaving projects, there is always room for a little bead with a big presence!!
25% off!

*(Sale runs Wed midnight to Wed midnight.)

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