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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Captivating Cupchain

If there's one thing I love, it's Swarovski crystal. The cut, the colour, the sparkle. Nobody does it like Swarovski. And here at beadFX, there are so many different Swarovski products, from round stones and fancy stones, beads, pendants and pearls, to flat back and hotfix rhinestones and my latest favourite, Cupchain!

So what can you do with the cup chain?

I bought some preexisting bangles from a store that caters to women who are a little.... Fluffy shall we say. At least my hand span is larger than most. 

I measured the outside diameter of the bangle: 10 inches, and bought 10 inches of cupchain in Crystal AB and Fucshia. Using a wing span of 22 gauge Parawire, I wrapped the wire around the bangle a few times to secure it in place. Then I wrapped the cupchain to the bangle with the wire. To end the wire neatly so that it doesn't poke, I used my round nose pliers to create spirals. 

Easy peasy!! A sensational, million dollar bracelet for less than $15!!!!

Here are some images I pulled from the Pinterest board I created called Cupchain. You do follow us on Pinterest, don't you?

There are lots more images on our Cupchain board to explore. 

Here's the link to available Swarovski cupchain:

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