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Thursday, October 03, 2013

New This Week!

It's October - are you afraid ...

... of goblins and ghosties and long-leggedy beasties and things that go bump in the night?

How about a morbid fear of boring jewelry that everyone else is wearing? We banish that fear with brilliant beads, fabulous findings, captivating components, scintillating supplies and inspirational inspirations!

Did you know that all our inspirations are designed in-house by our fabulously creative staff? In fact - we have all been so inspired lately - that we are now publishing two new projects every week! So check us out on Sunday and Monday for the new InspirationFX!

s20202 Stone Beads - 8 mm Round - Carnelian (strand)October is a fabulous month - full of colour, days that start foggy and grey, turn warm and lanquid, and end frosty and brilliant again. Every day feels like a gift - wrapped in a changing symphony of colour as the trees throw on cloaks of yellow, scarves of orange and paint their leaves red.

If orange is your colour - then this new stock of Carnelian will make your heart sing. And if you don't like orange - this is so yummy - you may well change your mind! Beautifully glossy, translucent, and richly coloured - what's not to love about this!

s37522 Stone Beads - 30 mm Trapezoid - Rainbow Inlay (1)On a different note, and speaking of colour - how about some fruit cake? Simply labeled "Inlay cut" - this colourful mix of agate in matrix bears a strong resemblance to holiday fruit cake. Novel, if nothing else. ;-)

s37511 Stone Beads -  Faceted Giant Bead for Kumihimo - Rain Forest Jasper (1)Calling all Kumihimo fans! We have some giant-ass beads with holes you can drive a semi through. These monster-truck-tire-sized stone beads are the perfect complement for your hand-made braided cords - but if you chose to use them some other way - we won't judge!
As always, you can click on a link above or start with our new products page! Get out there and bead up something!

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