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Thursday, October 10, 2013

New this week! Hot Studs ...

A Bead Stud is a Hot Guy with Beads ...

s37528 Glass Beads - 12 mm Bead Stud - Neon Pink (1)Well - no. I mean yes, it is - but that's not what we're offering you this week. Not that we don't think there is a demand for hot guys with big beads, baby, but we're fairly certain that there might be some legal issues with selling them ... .
s37535 Glass Beads - 12 mm Bead Stud - Dark Neon Acai (1)But actually we are referring to ANOTHER kind of bead stud - which is the short pyramid with two holes that you might have seen in projects in magazines and online.

Rising majestically from a square base, these 4-sided pyramids are squat and solid and beg to be played with - positioning them into patterns and scooting them around on the desk like markers from some unknown game. They have twin holes - so you have lots of options for stringing and bead weaving! We've started out with the 12 mm size and have them in the Bright Neon and the Dark Neon to start. More are coming in the weeks ahead too.

Other than that - we have new firepolish glass for you!

s37574 Firepolish - 6 x 15 mm Spaghetti Oval - Capri (25)Spaghetti Ovals are longer and thinner than regular ovals. You can see from our photos that we were having fun just looping and draping s37582 Firepolish - 6 x 15 mm Spaghetti Oval - Pink Gold (25)them - they look really pretty by themselves! But of course - you'll want to dress them up with some accent beads and spacers and bead caps - or maybe use them to accent some other beads. The slender oval is such a graceful shape!

s37550 Firepolish - 6 mm TwoWay Cut - Blue Zircon Bronze (strand 25)
The TwoWay Cut is another faceted firepolish bead. First - it is faceted into a s37548 Firepolish - 6 mm TwoWay Cut - Peridot Opal AB (strand 25)short oval, and then two sides are faceted into a barrel cut, for a chic and sophisticated look that is neither oval nor flat. Many of them have a bronzey coating on the sides for extra richness!

You can go to our New Products page, and find all the new items here, or click on a link or image above to go directly to that item!

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Stay Beady my friends ... 

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