Thursday, October 17, 2013

New this week: Un-Buried Treasures ...

s37612 Czech Glass - Mixed Large Rocailles and Tubes - Sun Dance (strand)Come dig through our collection of Archaeology Beads – new beads with an old look. You don't have to dig up graves to find buried treasure – just dig through the choices at BeadFX. What could be more fun than that?
s37619 Czech Glass - 6/0 Seedbead - Gibraltar (strand)We have a selection of seedbeads ranging from size 11/0 to 32/0 - which is about an 8 mm "seed" bead - not so seed-like at that point - that have been aged and antiqued, and designed to look "old." I say that they look fabulous - and can inspire all sorts of tribal- and ethnic-style designs!
Limited quanitites – first come – first served! These are made in small batches and never seem to come out the same way twice, so don't waffle on these - they sell out fast!

s37586 Design Tools - Large Macrame Board -  (1)
Carol - this board's for you.

This is a macrame and knotting design and work board. Designed by Anne Dilker - this foam board is ruled in a grid pattern, you can plunge T-pins into it to secure your work, and it has regularly spaced cut grooves in the edge, for securing your cords. Some call it the perfect work surface for knotting and micro-macrame.

Price Reduction - Swarovski 4 mm Bicones
We announced this last week, but it's too good not to repeat! All our 4 mm Swarovski bicones have been slashed! The prices, that is. Drastically lower! Better sales volumes give us an opportunity to pass the savings on to you! This is NOT a sale - this is a permanent change!

On sale this week* - 25% off! Miyuki 3 mm Cubes and Miyuki 4 mm Cubes. Cubify your world!

*(Sale runs Wed midnight to Wed midnight.)

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