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Thursday, October 31, 2013

New this week! No tricks - only treats!

27758601400618 Swarovski Elements Pearl - 14 mm Coin Pearl (5860) - Creamrose Light Pearl (5)For the past couple of years, every time the Swarovski Dog and Pony Show rolls into town, by which we mean the twice annual new-product roll-out, we've been making a point of taking aside the North American Sales Rep and saying things like, "So - we've got a product idea for you. Coin pearls. Nuff said." and "So, how about that coin pearl idea? Any progress on that yet?" and "Boy, you know, I bet people would really go for coin pearls, if you would just make them."

Now, it would probably be unfair for us to claim that we are the sole originators of this idea. We dare to say that it is entirely possible that we merely anticipated the idea, leaving the good folks at Swarovski simply scratching their heads and muttering "How did they know?" But the 27758601400617 Swarovski Elements Pearl - 14 mm Coin Pearl (5860) - Dark Grey Pearl (5)fact remains - Swarovski is now making coin pearls. Yay!

Freshwater coin pearls are becoming increasingly hard to find, especially nice quality ones - and the prices have jumped like crazy. So being able to tap into the world's best simulated pearls in one of our favourite shapes - woohoo! We are some excited here!
So - if you are excited too - check them out - Swarovski Coin Pearls - multiple sizes and colours! 

And speaking of twice annual Swarovski new products - we have ... ta da!

New Colour: Dark Moss Green.

27750002221260 Swarovski Elements Bead - 8 mm Faceted Round (5000) - Dark Moss Green (1)Dark Moss Green is somewhere between Green Turmaline and Fern Green - a nice luminous green without the blue-ish cast of Emerald.
Dark Moss Green

27753011188005 Swarovski Elements Bead - 3 mm Faceted Xilion Bicone (5328) - Crystal Lilac Shadow (36)New Effect: Crystal Lilac Shadow

Crystal Lilac Shadow is the other new colour for Fall 2013 (well - technically for fall 2014 - because that's how fashion works: it's here now, so you can use it to make hot stuff for next year.) Crystal Lilac Shadow is a close kin to Swarovski Antique Pink, but with flashes of gold in it. In fact, it most closely resembles the colour in Firepolish glass that is known as Crystal Purple. It's pretty darn yummy, if you ask us.
Crystal Lilac Shadow

New Pearl Colour: Blackberry Pearl

27758101032328 Swarovski Elements Pearl - 4 mm Round Pearl (5810) - Blackberry Pearl (strand 25)And speaking of yummy - the new pearl colour for fall is: Blackberry - a totally delish rich, deep purple that evokes stained fingers and lips, sunny summer days and more berries eaten than collected for a pie. Mmmmm, juicy!
Blackberry Pearl

If you're in Toronto, maybe take in the Toronto Bead Society fall show. We'll be there!

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*(Sale runs Wed midnight to Wed midnight.)


Gardiner said...

Coin pearls sound lovely! I hope there be some at the TBS Fair this weekend.

dragonjools said...

oops - sorry - no. The show stuff is all packed BUT look for a super, super SUPER deal on large Swarovski designer pendants! Woohoo!