Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Key to it ALL!

34769181031001 Swarovski Pendant - Designer Series - 50 mm Key to the Forest (Signed) - Crystal Golden Shadow (1)We have the key - the key to it all! All What? But what is "all" - all that you desire? All that you wish for? Wealth? Knowledge? Happiness? Health? 

The Key is a powerful symbol, but unlike most symbols - it's meaning is personal. A horseshoe is a horseshoe, it stands for luck, so does a 4-leaf clover. A heart is a heart - it means love, of some sort: family, lover, friend, dessert. (I heart chocolate.) With Halloween around the corner - there are symbols everywhere - cats and witches and monsters, oh my. 

But a key is a multifaceted symbol, deeply personal, yet somehow, still universal. It unlocks secrets, or keeps them locked away. It opens doors, or keeps them safely locked. Alice's deepest desire was to get the glass key and fit through the door into the garden. A key is understanding, or security. A promise, or an achievement. 

What does your key symbolize? Graduation? Achievement? True Love? Understanding? Rite of Passage? The key to your life, your heart, your happiness, your success? 

34769191015001 Swarovski Pendant - Designer Series - 30 mm Key - Crystal AB (1)To celebrate this rich and diverse symbolism - Swarovski brings us the Key to the Forest. This is a new, designer piece, made by Swarovski, and created by Yoko Ono. (Yes - she is still alive - as someone asked me.) 

Multi-faceted, like the symbol itself - this is a truly stunning tour-de-force of the crystal-maker's art. With it's smooth shank, faceted bow (the handle part) and faceted and signed blade (or "bit") - it leaves you pondering - how, HOW did they make this? The blade is laser-etched with Yoko Ono's signature. 

We have them in a variety of colors and sizes, and also without the signature, in case celebrity signatures are not your "thang." 

27750520034001 Swarovski Bead - 6 mm Mini-Round (5052) - Crystal Red Magma (1)As fascinating as this new shape is - it is not the only new and wonderful thing from Swarovski that we have for you this week. We are also delighted with a whole new line of Mini-Rounds and Mini-Squares. These are both faceted tablets - one being a flat round, and the other being - SURPRISE! - a flat square. Think of how great these are going to be in your 27750530040263 Swarovski Bead - 6 mm Mini-Square (5053) - Light Turquoise (1)creations! 

Flat beads will give you more bang for your buck - being lighter but still appear larger. Like a lite beer - tastes great and less filling. Well - way better than a lite beer - which never seemed to live up to either promise. 

I don't think I need to say too much about these - I'm sure your are already seeing the possibilities! We are rolling them out this week in the "exotic" effects - and the colours are coming in the next week or two. 

And - at the other end of the spectrum - we have some new Pendants - very "un-mini." Honkin' actually, would be the term. These are the Victory Pendants - which 34760410061001 Swarovski Pendant - 38 mm Victory (6041) - Crystal Golden Shadow (1)sort of have a V in the facets - but definitely have a very victorious vibe to them.

So, as always, wonderful, wonderful new things - all over the site. I leave you to explore at your leisure. Click on a link or an image to go straight to the item mentioned above, or go to our massive list of everything and look for the "new" tags. 

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