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Michael David Sturlin - Next Week!!

We are extremely excited to welcome back Michael - He'll be joining us in next week for another round of his incredibly popular workshops.

First, a little about Micheal for those of you who aren't familiar with his work:

Michael David Sturlin's 40 year career as a studio jewelry artist, educator, industry consultant and award winning goldsmith includes recognition from the World Gold Council, the American Jewelry Design Council, and the Jewelers of America's JANY New Designer Gallery. Michael's internationally acclaimed jewelry focusing on minimalism in precious metal  has been published in 75 magazine articles and is featured in the books MASTERS:GOLD and Crocheted Wire Jewelry. 

Faculty member of the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts, and a popular visiting guest artist and conference presenter, Michael devotes his time to sharing his expertise and insight with students at every level from beginners to accomplished professionals.

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October 17th from 10am to 6pm
Professional Development Seminar for the Studio Artist.  Pricing, Promotions, and Presentation

This is a professional development presentation focusing on three of the most important concerns for the emerging artist and seasoned veteran alike;
  • developing an accurate reliable pricing formula
  • designing a successful publicity campaign
  • refining the way you speak about and present your work
The day begins with an in depth examination of pricing strategies including: product cost analysis, calculating material markups and profit margins, determining overhead expenses and, cost of sales.
This is a comprehensive and all-inclusive approach to creating a formula tailored to fit the specific situation of your own studio.
Presented by an internationally renowned jewelry artist with publication in 6 books and more than 85 magazine articles, the seminar’s second session is designed to illustrate how you can successfully achieve recognition and promote your product.
Michael details a cohesive approach to developing the effective promotional and public relations aspects of your business by; cultivating a professional image, creating promotional materials, assembling a media kit and press packet, writing a press release, preparing magazine submissions, obtaining publicity, and getting your work featured in print.
The third component is directed towards acquiring skill and grace, confidence and effectiveness in displaying and presenting your work. Whether you sell to merchandise buyers at wholesale tradeshows, exhibit at local and regional arts and crafts fairs, interact with your clients at gallery appearances, or meet your customers at home parties, speaking about your work requires finesse and fluency.
Increase your ability to communicate effectively and sell your work successfully as you learn how to overcome the obstacles of self-limiting behavior and negative thought patterns. You will develop
your ability to make public appearances much more comfortable, more enjoyable, and more lucrative.  
Students should bring the following items:
  • calculator
  • notebook, writing materials
  • business cards, brochures, postcards, or other promotional materials
  • images of your jewelry or artwork
  • images of your booth or jewelry display


October 18th 10am to 6pm
Creative Development for the Studio Artisan - Developing an Artistic Identity

Under the guidance of an award winning goldsmith and jewelry designer, students will learn to harness and direct their creative energy in a purposeful and expressive way.
One of the challenges facing the emerging artist is developing a sense of an individual style and a recognizable artistic identity. This two–fold emergence is essential for the creation of truly original work.

Developing an individual style is a gradual process. It happens over time and emerges through sustained periods of dedicated activity. It is the evolution of personal expression. This developmental evolution can be effectively accelerated by applying a systematic approach to the process of design.

Using a systematic approach provides a strategy to take design ideas all the way through from beginning concepts to completed work. Understanding this system and applying this process repeatedly in a reliable and purposeful fashion leads to the increasing development of an individual style.

Artistic identity starts with recognition that the process of making original work is also an evolution. This evolution begins with developing self-awareness. Cultivating an authentic and recognizable artistic identity evolves from a process of introspection directed outwards as a creative expression.

Developing individual style and artistic identity assists us in creating a cohesive body of work with recognizable features and identifiable characteristics. We accomplish this with a twofold approach; group exploration as an outer view, and individual exploration as an inner view. Skill Level: Emerging and Seasoned Artists
Students need to bring the following materials:
  • images of past and current work including:
    photographs of finished items
    drawings and sketches of intended designs and works in progress
  • a few samples of completed jewelry (not more than 7 items)
  • art materials and drawing supplies:
    white copy paper, sketch pad, pencils, colored pencils
    markers, pens, tracing paper, ruler, compass

Artistic Entrapment - 3 Day Course: October 19-20-21

This intensive three day workshop emphasizes a minimalist approach to jewelry design and function for the studio artisan. 
Participants explore innovative solutions to setting and containing gemstones and other objects in the creation of handmade studio jewelry. The trio of concept, construction, and capture leads the approach to simple, practical and effective models that will open
the door to limitless design resources.

Students use basic hand tools; hammer, saw, file, pliers, mandrels and forming blocks and an array of traditional fabrication techniques; forming, sawing, piercing, dapping and doming, to transform sheet and wire into creative and artistic settings by direct manipulation.

Curriculum projects include a tension capture cabochon pendant and two approaches to pierced and lifted prong settings accomplished by cold construction and mechanical connections, all without soldering.

Stone setting instruction includes use of burnishers, pushers, saw and file, chasing hammer and setting punches.

Please call 416.701.1373 or toll free 1.877.473.2323 to register. 

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