Monday, October 29, 2012

Bye Bye CZs

Sigh. It's so sad when we have to discontinue something. I'm always hearing from Rosemary s31263 Cubic Zirconia Beads - 5 x 7 mm Faceted Flat Pear - Emerald City (1) that we should "discontinue such and such to make room for something else." Or "that was a trend, and we should move on." But I don't want to move on - I have room in my heart for every single bead.

s31696 Cubic Zirconia Beads - 7 x 17 mm Faceted Briolette - Olivine (1) If it were up to me - we'd stock every single bead, forever. Like a "bead sanctuary." Or maybe a "bead rescue." You can come and adopt some beads, but if not, they have a home with us.

But in this case, it has more do with our source drying up than any mundane reasons like space. 

In this case, our supplier for the Cubic Zirconia beads has bailed, and it's not looking like there is a replacement in the wings.

So - if you want Cubic Zirconia beads, because you love them, or because you love making the Marcia De Costa patterns that use them - better stock up now, as we have no idea if we will be able to get anymore.

    News Flash. We put these on sale early! You can get them now at 30% off!    

Guess I should stash some away for myself too.


Oh, and Rosemary says, "Put them on sale. 30% off." So it really is a good time to sock them away for a rainy day - when you can take them out and be cheered up by their shiny, lustery goodness. So that will happen on Wednesday night, at midnight. First come, first served. But don't tell her I told you in advance.

For the lampworkers and metal clay artists reading this, don't worry - the CZs for embedding in lampwork and/or metal clay will not be going away.

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