Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Joy of Metal Clay: Hadar has a new book!

OK, I haven't got my hands on this yet but let me spread the word.  Hadar Jacobson, a fabulous instructor, creator, and inventor in metal clay, has a new book out.  I think she can be called a true metal clay guru with all she that has done. The new book is called "Metal Clay Practice". You can see a few more pictures from the book on Ms. Jacobson's blog.

As I mentioned I haven't gotten my hands on this book but here is a link to the table of contents.
What intrigues me the most are the ring projects and  the  Ring Shrinkage Chart.  This book is so new I really haven't heard much from anyone who has the book.  If you have it let us know what you think.

Experience predicts that this book will be FABULOUS.  All of her books  have beene great ! Also, it is my experience that her blog , website and having a chance to take a class from her are all great ways to learn more about metal clay.

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