Thursday, October 04, 2012

Sneaky Turkey Day

s33604 Stone Beads - 12 mm Coin - White Howlite (strand)Once again, Turkey Day - or Thanksgiving Day if you prefer, has snuck up on me. Howlite did that happen? This coming weekend is Thanksgiving - for those of you a little surprised by that - we do Thanksgiving earlier here in Canada, because we have just so much more to be thankful for! 

And once again - I am searching for Turkeys and emailing for recipes at the last minute. (Oh - don't forget - the store will be closed on Monday, but you can always shop online!) 

Actually - it was probably because I was so busy putting together this rather large update - over 150 new items this week. 

Starting off with a new stone of the month - White Howlite. Howlite was originally discovered in Nova Scotia. Miners, annoyed with outcroppings of a white stone with black veins that was getting in their way, brought it to the attention of a geologist/mineralogist - Henry How - who realized that it was an entirely new stone. It was named for him - hence - "Howlite." Nowadays - it is mined in California. 

Silk Thread
74422041-03 Silk Thread - D Dazzle-It Silk Thread - Grey (28 yards)There's just something about silk - it's so - well - silky. Lately - it's been hard to get good silk thread for stringing pearls, beads, etc. This is because the manufacturer is another victim to the economy. Sadly - Gudebrod, the maker of Champion Silk - is no more. 

However - we have a new supplier on board, and while the colour range is not as wide - the weights and sizes of thread are vast. Heck - I've never heard of some of these sizes. 

But - it does mean that we once again have the very popular "6 feet of silk on a card with a needle already on the end" - which is something we get a lot of requests for. Our selection has gone from "sad" to "overwhelming." Which is how we like it. Overwhelming, that is. Because more choices means more ways to be creative! Anyway - check out all the new silk thread here

mb15c-462 Japanese Seedbeads - 15/0 Miyuki Seedbeads - Cut - Metallic Gold IrisSpeaking of more choices - we know that a lot of you have been beading a while - and as you get more into it, and become more skilled, you tend to slow down and make more elaborate pieces - incorporate more techniques, enjoying the process more, and looking for more variety. 

If you have reached the stage where the tiny little seedbeads are calling to you - you will be very happy to see all these new size 15/0 Cut Miyuki seedbeads

For those of you who haven't ventured there yet - these are 1 mm seedbeads with facets cut onto them - resulting in a tiny bead that is really more hex-shaped than round. 

24902005-00 Findings - 28 x 21 mm Oval Bezel Ring - Silverplated (1)And, if you have a thing for rings, oh - like - say - MOI? - then you will be happy to see new styles of bezel rings for your resining/epoxy claying/gluing pleasure.

So, as always, but more so than usual - wonderful new things all over the site. I leave you to explore at your leisure. Click on a link or an image to go straight to the item mentioned above, or go to our massive list of everything and look for the "new" tags. 

If that page seems overwhelming - which we freely admit it is! - then try for bite-size portions by checking out these categories: Firepolish, Pressed Glass, Swarovski Crystal, Seedbeads, Stone and Pearls, Preciosa Crystal, Metal Beads, Other Cool Beads, Findings, Metal Clay & Supplies or Books, Kits, Tools.
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