Monday, October 15, 2012

Bead Quilt - Part Seven

Part Seven - the final installment!

We come to the close of featuring this enchanting bead quilt that Marg got at the charity auction at Bead and Button. The squares are made and donated by beaders from all over the world. The quilt is entitled "Glorious Green" and the theme: Birds.

I've been  showing this to you one row at a time - up close and personal - so you can enjoy the handiwork in each square. (You might have to stand back into order to "see" the image.)

It's been fun looking at all of these in such detail. Comparing the effects of the seedbeads to the delicas (tubes) - and comparing the stitches - brick vs peyote vs other techniques. There really are some great examples here. I bet this was fun to do!

The artist's name precedes their work.

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