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Monday, June 25, 2012

Metal Smithing Class

Once we moved to our new location - we had space to do some of the things that we'd been dreaming about for a long time.

One of the things that we really wanted to do was add a dedicated metal smithing studio - because - for some reason - teachers of other classes get all snippy when they have to share a room full of metal smithing students all practicing the art of hammering. It most unreasonable of them, but we can't seem to convince them that the sound of ringing hammers bashing metal onto anvils is a gentle, soothing sound that can easily be talked over if you just project your voice a wee bit.

Rosemary took our very first metalsmithing class in the new studio - it was the Riveted, Stamped and Cuffed Bracelet, taught by Cindy Goldrick.

Here is the bracelet that Rosemary made in the class.

Rosemary reports that "everyone in the class had lots of fun. learning how to 'dap' and 'rivet.' Cindy is an excellent instructor, giving guidance and direction when required, but also able to stand back and let her students enjoy the creative process."

If you think you might want to join the fun, Cindy is scheduled to teach again on July 14,


Rae Huggins said...

I totally agree with Rosemary - I hammered away in Cindy's class on Saturday and enjoyed every aspect of it.

Thanks to the lovely ladies at Beadfx and Stephanie for taking my shift I'll be hammering all day on July 14. Be sure to visit the class section of the Beadfx site for more of Cindy's classes.

Metal Wall Art said...

Like any form of jewelry art, whether you are a beader or wire worker, metalsmithing takes the right tools to get you started on a new adventure in jewelry making.