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Friday, June 29, 2012

Inspiration Friday

Welcome to our newest version of Inspiration Friday. We thought we'd made a few changes, namely allowing folks to choose their own inspiration, and the biggie - we give you a lot more time! If you would like to participate in the next one, see the end of this post for complete details.

I love the idea of using an inspiration palette to base your design on. We all tend to stick with our own comfortable colour palettes, and this is just such an easy way to expand your range.

I recently came across a lovely handmade bead that I've had in my stash for - Oh, I don't know how long....years.  I'm sorry that I don't remember who made this however,  I purchased it from one of the Toronto Bead Shows. If you know who's this is - let us know!

The bead is boro, and has that special magical quality that seems to be inherent with borosilicate glass  - shimmers with flashes of colour, and pearly opalescence. I kept the necklace simple, as I wanted something I could wear while bumming around with the kids this summer. With the silk cord - I can just tie it on. Easy Peasy.

I'll fully admit to doing this backwards. I made the necklace first - then poked around pinterest for an image that I felt evoked the feel of the necklace. Well - not exactly, but it's a nice picture - enjoy ;-)

                                     This is where I would prefer to spend my summer!

                                                                                  Source: via bead on Pinterest

Deadline July 26th, 2012

Before the cutoff date, send your pictures to us, and we'll blog your inspiration source, and your finished project.  Feel free at that time to send us along any other info you want to include. We'll publicize your blog or etsy/artfire/etc site as well.

For example, I think I'll make mine from this one:

You can make your jewelry/beadwork out of any materials you wish. This can be stringing, wirework, lampwork, polymer clay - whatever you wish!

(Many of us use Design Seeds as in inspiration source. Feel free to use any inspiration source you wish. Design Seeds just happens to be among my favourites.)

Here's how to submit:

 * Send an email to with a picture of your inspiration source (or a link to the source)
* include an image of your creation
* include any contact information you want us to include in the blog posting

Happy Creating!

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