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Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Joy of Metal Clay: Finished Earings

Last week's domed earrings are now fired and polished.  Now time to complete the piece.

The metal clay pieces were beautiful after putting them in the tumbler to polish.  I debated whether I would leave them shiny, use liver of sulfur to add some contrast or add a little paint.  I opted for the paint.

 To finish off the earring I used Pebeo paints and two balled sterling silver wires to make my ear hooks.  I added paint in the crevices of the pattern to create contrast, dried them and then heated them in the oven to set the paint and added the pieces to the ear wires.  Voila:

To be honest, I wish I had some alcohol inks, I have tried using them once from a friend (thanks Mona) but I have yet to purchase some myself.  I think this pattern and design would look great with the inks in the crevices.... Oh well, add it to the list.

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