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Thursday, June 14, 2012

I could write a column ...

27755340014001 Swarovski Elements Bead - 14.5 x 5 mm Column (5534) - Crystal Red Magma (1)
... a column about columns. Well, maybe half a column. ;-) (What is a half a column? A short pillar? Maybe a stump? Anyway ...

New on the scene from Swarovski this season are these rectangular, faceted beads called "Columns." They come in 3 sizes (so far), and in two different hole configurations - one with a single hole across the middle, and the other with two holes - also from side to side, but 27755350018001 Swarovski Elements Bead - 19 x 5 mm 2 Hole Column (5535) - Crystal Luminous Green (1)nearer to the ends. 

So how would you use these? Like a two-hole crystal connector? Or in a necklace, with staggered rows of crystals? 

27755250055001 Swarovski Elements Bead - 28 mm Wave (5525) - Crystal Silver Night (1)And what about this new shape - the Wave? This S-shaped bead also has a horizontal hole, from side to side. The organic shape of these intrique me even more than the multi-hole possibilities of the Columns. Methinks that a row of these snuggled together has mucho possibilities.
You can find both of these new shapes on this page:

s33062 Czech Seedbeads - 2 Hole Superduo Twins - Earth Mother
Another colour (well - a mix of colours, actually) in the Twins. I should explain here that there are two very similar beads that are small, oval beads with two holes in them. We have both the Twins and the Superduos. The difference is the Superduos are more exactingly made, and a little more substantial - they are a little heavier. And, as such, a little more expensive than their plainer cousins - the Twins. If you think that is confusing - well, you are in good company. ;-)

s33061 Glass - 6 mm Squarelets - Copper Iris (strand 25)And we've restocked on the Squarelets, and added some new colours. These flat-tile, square-drop-with-a-hole-at-the-side beads are very popular. But do be aware - the holes are very small - more like a seed bead hole than regular pressed glass beads. 

s33055 Magazine - BeadStyle -  2012 - JulyAnd, if the creative juices need a kick in the you-know-where, fire 'em back up with a magazine or two. You can always leave them around the lunch room when you are done with them - maybe your friends and co-workers will ask you to make them something that they see in the magazine. Wouldn't that be fun?

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