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Monday, December 19, 2011

Shopping in the Big Apple

The sacrifices we make for you - you have no idea. Last week, we went to New York city to buy beads for you - knowing how busy you are and how getting away for a few days was just going to be out of the question.

Come along with me and I'll share the trip with you.
 Here's the Marginator - with her industrial strength bundle buggy - tested to at least 60 pounds of beads. She looks ready to shop till she drops. Only she doesn't drop. Ever. I drop. She's ready to shop till I drop. And then some.

Funny - the Statue of Liberty seems smaller than I remember, but Marg tells me you shrink as you age, so I guess that's it.

 And here we arrive at our favourite secret warehouse.
 This is the "tidy" part. Vintage Swarovskis. All those boxes.
 Other parts, well - less organized.
 In some cases, body surfing is only way to get to the beads.
 Hope those strands are still nice and strong!
 We also took in auction preview for the Christie's auction of Liz Taylor's jewelry. Despite determining that Liz Taylor was EXACTLY the same height as Marg, we elected NOT to be bidding on any of her amazing couture fashion or exquisite jewelry. Darn. The beadFX diamond? That would work, wouldn't it? It's got a ring to it?
 We enjoyed some of the architecture - here you see a mosiac mural commemorating the first two tourists - Dazed and Confused.
 Checked out the Christmas decorations. C'mon folks, anybody can just leave them in a pile. Put some effort into it!
And the Swarovski Tree Topper. Gonna have to get a bigger tree.
And more decorative artwork. "Do you like my scarf?" "Don't bother me - I think one of my chopsticks is bent." 
Oogled some windows. Some pins ...
Earrings, Jackets
Some funky purses
Perhaps some china?
And finally, you KNOW you're in New York City when ...
'Nuff said.

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The BeadFX Buyer said...

Probably just as well that I didn't take to you Times Square to see the Underwear Cowboy, New York's answer to the Rhinestone Cowboy.