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Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Joy of Metal Clay: Remember to take pictures of your work!

I had a small open house last week to sell some of my jewelry. It it is always a simple way to sell some jewelry and a chance to visit with friends and customers. But this is not the point of this point. One thing to remember is to take pictures of your work. Now with the digital age there is no cost ( or very little, purchase of a digital camera and the use of a computer which has become commonplace for most of us, especially if you are reading this blog).

I admit I can be sort of lazy about this as I make so many different things I don't always photograph them all. Last weekend was a good reminder to actually take pictures as one of mu customers wore on piece I had made for her husband to give to her and I never took a picture of it. I was so glad to see it and managed to wrestle it off her neck for me to photograph.

Although these picture are not necessarily all that great, it is nice to have photographs of all your work to review a you can reflect back on your creations and build on previous designs. It is also a great chance to see how you grow and progress as a artist.

I had forgotten that I had made the piece and was happy to rediscover it.

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