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Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Business Chat - Happy holidays

Gifts, gifts, gifts, I have been up to my eyeballs in gifts for the past 6 weeks, all gifts for others. That’s what happens when you sell sparkly jewelry. All those lovely pieces off to good homes, I was sad to see some of them go.

On Wednesday Dec 22 when I shipped my last piece there was one more gift left to make. My gift to me, which actually turned out to be 3 gifts because I couldn’t decide which one I wanted.

I’ve talked a lot about all the different hats we wear when we own a small business, our boss hat and our employee hat being the 2 most common. Now is the time to put on your boss hat and give your employee(s) a bonus or a present. Go ahead make your employee something special. And then take some time off, at least a couple of days. After working so much this season on your crafty venture it begins to take over your life doesn’t it? Now is the time to step away for a bit. Pour yourself a glass of something cheery, bake some cookies, do something different.

Enjoy your holidays, you deserve it.

Best wishes for a lovely holiday. 

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