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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Oh, the weather outside....

...Nope not going to even attempt to write a cute little rhyme. Dwyn may be talented in that regard...I am not.  It is starting to get cold and yucky out there, and the best place to be is cozy and warm in our classroom, with beads of course! We've even got a fancy shmancy espresso machine in the classroom.    Here are some of our very last classes of the year. Stay tuned to the blog and the website for our updates for the New Year. Our class co-ordinator Jenny, has been very busy indeed!

On Wednesday the 7th, Rae will be teaching our most frequently requested technique....pearl knotting!

We also have a brand spanking new class with Lyndsey coming Friday December the 9th!

These leather wrapped cuffs are just gorgeous! I can see these being quite addictive to make. Wear a bunch!

On Saturday, join me all day from 10am to 5pm for a full day metal clay playday. This is your last chance to get in a playday before the holidays. Even with the current prices of silver - a packet will make more than a few small pendants, or earrings, and of course these really do make wonderful gifts for the holidays!

Saturday we also have Amy Waldman in the studio teaching a two day class on raking and masking techniques for advanced lampworkers.


In this two day class Amy will share her techniques for creating intricately detailed beads in her Pop Art, Folk Art and Ottoman styles.

Day one will be spent creating the vividly colored and intricately detailed pop art and folk art beads. You will be exploring color combinations, colourful hearts and funky squares and incorporating transparent glass paired with white to create depth and detail through layering, raking and masking.

Day two will focus on the techniques for creating Amy's intricately detailed Ottoman beads. You will learn her techniques of decorating by raking, masking and intricately placing dots. You will also spend time with stringers and perfect your shaping and marvering to create perfectly centered beads.
Skill Level:Advanced
Prerequisite: Students should be intermediate level, comfortable working on a propane/oxygen mix torch, and have good working control of their glass.

Sunday, we have Angela Peace here teaching Chinese Knotting techniques in her class: Beads, Bails, and Bangles.


Then on Thursday the 14th of December we have our two final classes of the year.
Resin with Rosemary

Students will work with ICE RESIN® to create their own personal pieces of jewellery using either clipart or photographs or other inclusions (like gemstones, crystals, pieces of metal etc).
In the class, students will learn and design a collage to set in a bezel, and cover with ICE RESIN® to create a glass-like dome. We will look at different objects that can be converted into bezels and have fun.

and last but certainly not least is the gift to yourself to learn the oh so very, very addicting hobby, or all consuming life changing addiction to glass beadmaking. I'm not kidding, just ask Dwyn or I at some point....

Introduction to Glass Beadmaking with Dwyn Tomlinson

"Introduction to Lampworking" will introduce you to the wonderful world of making lampwork beads. The class is largely hands-on, with a maximum of 6 students. Students usually make about 6 -12 beads, depending on their aptitude. If coffee makes your hands shake, you may want to refrain before the class. ;-)
The class is 4 hours. The cost is $150.00 (+ HST), and includes all the equipment and glass that you will require. Topics covered include:
  • Overview of the equipment and tools, basic safety information. Setting up a home studio is also discussed.
  • Types of glass, compatibility, annealling
  • Making Beads
    • Making a basic bead
    • Decorating the bead:dots, bumps, lines
    • Beads don't have to be round: using tools to shape the glass
    • Decorating with frit
    • Heat and graviy and mashing the glass
    • Other techniques as time permits

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