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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Learn to make glass beads - tonight!

We have a couple spots open in Dwyn's lampworking class this evening - Treat yourself, it's addictively fun!  Give us a call 416.701.1373 or toll free 1.877.473.2323 to sign up.

You can learn to make glass beads! Since before the dawn of the written word, a select few have known the secret of melting glass into beads — now you too can learn the ancient techniques. Of course, now we have much more modern equipment and materials and it is a lot more fun!
"Introduction to Lampworking" will introduce you to the wonderful world of making lampwork beads. The class is largely hands-on, with a maximum of 6 students. Students usually make about 6 -12 beads, depending on their aptitude. If coffee makes your hands shake, you may want to refrain before the class. ;-)
The class is 4 hours. The cost is $150.00 (+ HST), and includes all the equipment and glass that you will require. Topics covered include:
  • Overview of the equipment and tools, basic safety information. Setting up a home studio is also discussed.
  • Types of glass, compatibility, annealling
  • Making Beads
    • Making a basic bead
    • Decorating the bead:dots, bumps, lines
    • Beads don't have to be round: using tools to shape the glass
    • Decorating with frit
    • Heat and gravity and mashing the glass
    • Other techniques as time permits


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