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Friday, December 02, 2011

Making or buying - The results are....

Every month we have a monthly draw for an awesome prize - and it of course gives us a chance to ask a question that want to hear your opinion on. Sarah B. won the November prize - Congratulations Sarah!

Our November question of the month was "Handmade gifts for Christmas this year? Planning on buying or making?

I'm putting those who are making, or doing a combination in one camp - as we all know that certain things just can't be made. While my kids are thrilled with new jewellery, making my own Wii games just isn't an option. :-)

Here's what some of those in the making/combination camp had to say:

"making - everyone will get something beady!!"

"Planning on making handmade gifts for Christmas this year; based on things I've learned at BeadFX thank you." - ah, no - Thank you! :-)

" Making them!  Started in July with beaded ornament covers (a la Deb Moffett-Hall) for the Mom & Mom-in-law, peyote & herringbone stars for other relatives & friends, and then necklace & earrings for the teachers at my son's school."

"Combination of both.  I make jewellery (of course) and other beaded gifts but I also do homemade baskies with everything from sauces, oils and spice mixes to candy and other goodies." - Yum!

"Always handmade gifts for Christmas. Planning on making but always end up buying a few handmade by someone else..."

"so far I have knitted 7 frilly scarves and added a few beads for sparkle. Now woking on a quilted  wall hanging to be bead embellished."

"A bit of both.  Some love to receive something handmade, but others think I'm cheap."  - Sigh. I know people like that as well.

There were very few in the buying only camp. And those that are buying seem to be doing so only for lack of time. I hear ya there!

"It always seems like a great idea to make something, then I run out of time. So likely will be buying all
of them."

We had a few people making gifts to donate to charity - awesome!!!

"Always handmade gifts at Christmas, for the people I love, which I make myself.  I also make 6 designer scarves, and donate them to charity gift drives, they usually don't receive gifts for older girls, .... or moms!"

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