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Sunday, December 04, 2011

The Joy of Metal Clay - Snowman (or person)

It may be cold and rainy outside but the snow will be upon us in now time...

Although my opinion may not be poplular, I love the snow and love making snowmen, and all that goes with winter. So bring it on Mother Nature.

Over the past few weeks, I have worked on a few Art Clay snow themed pieces. Snowflakes and Snowmen were what I made. For some reason my snow flake broke but the Snowman (or snowperson to be politically correct) turned out great!!!

I layered a small convex circle ontop of a larger concave circle shape and added a carrot nose. It is a pretty simple design and I like it better than the cookie cutter snowmen I make.

Once it was fired and polished I added some Pebeo paint. I used a white paint and for some reason overnight the white paint reacted to something that was on the copper (I wonder if it was remnant of pickle) and the result was quite cool. The white ended up with a light blue marble tinge in it. Unfortunately, it did not show up in the picture.

Note: I cleaned the piece with water but I probably should have used rubbing alcohol to make sure it was good in clean, although I am happy with the effect, if you don't want this to happen make sure you clean your piece better than I did.

I am searching in my textiles for some read fabric for a scarf. I wasn't able to find red felt that I was looking for so I used this scrap for effect (I will have to go out and buy some felt this week a piece of ribbon may work as well). I like the mixed media effect.

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