Monday, August 15, 2011

Saved by Gilders Paste

Not all design decisions are superb, some are downright fugly, while others merely "meh."

This ring was "meh." The decision to not add a silvery coating to the epoxy clay before it hardened lessened the look of the finished ring, IMHO. I thought it was ok, but not really what I wanted it too look like.

Gilder's paste to the rescue. Turns the black clay silvery, and makes the ring look more finished.

This one was more of an unfortunate accident. I waited to long to apply the metalFX to the Apoxie clay, and it had already hardened, so it didn't stick. Bleh.

Here it is - jazzed up with Gilder's Paste. Yay! This was more what I had in mind!

Gilder's Paste saves the day!

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