Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pics for those of you too far to come visit

I had a chance to spend more time in the store today than I usually do. I came in for a meeting, and was fortunate to have an hour beforehand to see everyone. I took the opportunity to snatch a few pics of the store. I apologize for the somewhat poor Iphone photo's. I have misplaced the camera charger for my real camera. Hopefully, I'll find that soon!

Standing in the middle of the store, looking towards the front. This table has all sorts of fancy Swarovski beads - and some incredibly gorgeous jewelry too!

A selection of our lampwork beads.

Bezels, resins, MetalFX, Epoxy Sculpt!

One of our Czech Glass walls.

Some of our Semi-precious. The pearls live a little further down that wall.

Of course there is a ton more including our walls filled with every type of Swarovski imaginable, and not to forget the huge seedbead walls!  We hope to see you in the store soon - it's worth the trip :-)

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