Monday, August 08, 2011

More Resin Fun

Fun summer bracelets can be as easy as some stretchy stringing stuff and a bunch of resin beads.

helopwh5 Stringing - .7 mm x 5 m Opelon Stretch Jewelry Fiber - White (Spool)For instance, from the Resin Rocks page, you can go for a monochrome look, or select different colours and make a multicoloured piece. Thread them on stretchy stuff,(a 74301002 Needle - Fine Twisted Beading Needle -  (Pack)wire needle will make it go MUCH faster), and secure with a surgeon's knot.

This bracelet looks way complicated, but it's actually pretty freeform.

After going around once, to make the initial bracelet - I decided to add to it by adding 3 or 4 beads, and doubling up, reattaching to the main bracelet by going through every 4 bead or so. After going around a second time, I went around a third time, filling in the gaps. The end result is a delightfully chunky piece that is light and comfortable to wear.

Feel free to experiment! You never know what you might come up with!

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