Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nifty things you can do with MetalFX

Did I just really write/say nifty? Sigh - ah well, my kids aren't old enough to tell me that I am 'So not cool'.
I've had a whole bunch of projects in mind to show you all the different things you can do with our MetalFX powders - but as I am still without a working camera (yes, still) as I can't find a replacement battery charger that works with my particular battery for less than $120 - I'm still trying to find a cheaper option. :-)

I can still tell you all about them though!

1) Did you know you can make your own glimmer mists? Those of you who do paper arts or scrapbooking have already been completely appalled at the prices of glimmer mists (or I have been at least)

If you have no clue what I'm talking about - Google 'Glimmer Mist' it will of course take you to various company websites, so I don't want to point you directly. It will certainly give you lots of ideas on what you can do with these sparkly mists!

- Purchase a little spray bottle at the dollar store. Fill it up about 1/2 way with water, add a couple squirts of white glue, and a couple scoops of MetalFX. Shake well, and then shake again. Shake for a long time. You can then mist your papers or artwork with your homemade glimmer mist! If the colour is too faint for your liking, add more scoops of MetalFX until you're happy with the results.

2) Make sparkle resin cabs for rings or earrings.
- You can mix a small amount of our MetalFX into resin to create stunning and shimmery cabochons.
- or add the MetalFX to resin and then coat flat metal findings with it. Gives a shimmery enameled look!

3) You can make your own shimmer paint.
- mix some white watercolor paint, with a bit of MetalFX, and a bit of water.
- Also you can mix it with a pearl medium (paint section of art supply store) and store in small jars.

4) Mix it into, or on top of Polymer clay!

I'm sure there are many more, and I'll certainly share some specific projects (with images) once I have my camera working again.

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