Thursday, May 19, 2011

You Can Make your Own Jewellery: Ditch Crappy Store-Bought

A few days ago, I was sampling some earrings at a popular jewellery store in Toronto, and I was underwhelmed. When you work at a bead store or make your own jewellery, you become very picky especially when it comes to store-bought jewellery. Thankfully, beadFX is always offering jewellery making classes! If you would like to learn a new jewellery making technique or simply brush up on your beading techniques, you'll find an interesting mix of classes to choose from.

June 2
Dancing Dahlia Brooch
6 - 8pm
dancing dahlias

June 8
Pearl Knotted Bracelet
6 - 8pm

June 18
Basic Bead Crocheting
10am - 1pm
crochet necklace

June 24 - 26
Author and chain jeweler, Scott David Plumlee, will be in Toronto teaching a series of chainmaille workshops. These gorgeous chainmaille projects go from beginner to advanced level. So sign up today!

Celtic Pendant

Romanov Bracelet

...Click here to see a full list of Scott David Plumlee's workshops.

For a complete list of our courses check out the beadFX class page and click on the month you are interested in.

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Lyndsey said...

Store bought jewelry... especially the stuff in clothing stores... is so cheap and lightweight. I never noticed until I started making my own jewelry how plastic and lightweight the store bought stuff can be. Half the time the metal doesn't even feel like metal, like it's coated plastic. It's so much more fun to make your own!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. The only thing i buy now is rings, because I don't have the ability to make them myself yet. I'm getting even more particular about the rings,I buy, too! lol It has to be just right...

sola said...

Ringmaking can be a little more technical, but I've seen some impressive handmade rings. You might need to practise a lot on your own and take a class or two, but it's doable.