Monday, May 09, 2011

Survey Says: What is your favourite type of jewelry?

Each month, we have a little contest where we give away a prize or gift certificate, and while you are entering, we sneak in a question - just a little something to help us understand you and what you really want. (This month's survey is here.)

Last month, we asked:

What is your favourite type of jewelry? Necklaces? Bracelets? Earrings? Sets?
Something else ... ?

The responses surprised me - bracelets are the clear winner! Bracelets came in as the most popular, and earrings came in a little ahead of necklaces. Sets are also extremely popular, and rings have a die-hard following of crazed enthusiasts. You didn't just mention rings - you talked about how you LOVED rings.

You didn't let us forget about the other options either - more than a few of you opted for

  • Watches
  • Brooches
  • Anklets
  • Toe Rings
  • Hair Accessories

And there was a strong subset voting for "All of the above!" Here are some of your comments:

  • Anything that sparkles and shines!! (Hear! Hear!)
  • Earrings!! Long Dangly shiney sparkly earrings!!
  • necklaces-making them; bracelets-wearing them! (Good point! Your favourite to wear may not be what your favourite is to make! )

  • I love bracelets..they not only look fabulous but I can look @ my wrist & see my handi-work @ all times (That's how I feel - bracelets are for me, necklaces and earrings are for others looking at me.)

  • Earrings - quick to make and easy wearing (rings and bracelets annoy me when I'm typing; necklaces take longer to make). (I like the speed of making bracelets too. I can finish them before I get bored!)

  • I like making earrings. Quick and easy on the pocketbook.

  • Definitely Bracelets! Oh and Rings, definitely Rings! Oh wait! - Earrings, yes earrings are my favourite - but wait.... oh why did you have to ask such a hard question?!?

And finally -

  • I love necklaces most. That's not quite true... I would love to wear jewelry in my hair, something on the line of what might have been worn during the Renaissance, that hangs down on the forehead... but I haven't got the nerve. :D (I hear ya - I've always wanted to try that too!)

Anyone remember Marilyn Monroe's character in, I think, "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" where she is shown her first tiara - and she is enthralled with it? She says, with open mouthed awe - "Look, a whole new way to wear diamonds!"

Maybe we need a new type of jewelry? Then there would be even more to love!


Figgs said...

Re the jewellery in your hair and Renaissance time, etc.....tune in to Dancing with the Stars tonight and when the emcee (Tom Bergeron) thanks the band, look for the rather well-built singer who has worn one on her forehead for eons. I think she looks amazing, but I guess only certain people can carry that off. I am not one of them, lol.

Gail DB said...

Oh fun, oh fun! Yes, let's invent new types of jewelry! Oh the challenge...