Thursday, May 12, 2011

New This Week!

Many Strings Attached

s28919 Stringing -  Silk Strings - Deep Rose (1)Many, many strings attached to this week's update - and knots are an option!

Oh, the look of silk - the intensity of the colours - the fine lustreous sheen. And the feel! The smooth, soft, caressable touch of it! Don't you just love silk!

Silk strings - in a rainbow of wonderful colours - You can knot with them, or just grab a bunch and twist together and hang a pendant! I'm so excited by these! (Doesn't take much to make me happy!)

s28915 Stringing -  Fairy Ribbon - Chocolate (1)And, if you want something a little earthier - for contrast - check out the fairy ribbon. Also silk, but more like a crepe - this ribbon looks earthy and elegant at the same time.

s28940 Cloisonne -  Meadow Queen Butterfly - Flash of Lime (1)

It is really starting to feel like spring s28942 Cloisonne -  Meadow Queen Butterfly - Night Ramble (1)here - well - parts of the country, anyway. How about some new cloisonne butterflies to flutterby, or glitterby?

s28956 Decoupage Picture Beads - 20 mm Square - Itteh Bitteh Kitteh Committeh (1)

Picture beads! For some reason - we have a ridiculously s28958 Decoupage Picture Beads - 20 mm Square - Assorted Goggies (1)small quantities of this kitteh and goggie beads - only a few of each design - so if you want to pick your faves - you'll have to come into the store. Otherwise - it's potluck for you!

s28961 Wood Beads - 10 x 20 mm Rectangle - Dragonfly (1)

34767541010721 Swarovski Elements Pendant - 18 mm Faceted Butterfly (6754) - Amethyst Blend (1)s28964 Wood Beads - 26 mm Square - Celtic Knot (1)Other odds and ends - such as wood dragonflies, and Celtic Knots, and more of the Swarovski Amethyst Blend. (It must be spring - Butterflies everywhere! s28963 Wood Beads - 10 x 20 mm Rectangle - Butterfly (1)

34767211081001 Swarovski Elements Pendant - 28 mm Starfish - Crystal Bronze Shade (1)(OH - and let's not forget - Swarovski Bronze Shade Starfish. Shoooo cute.)

So click on a link or a picture above, or start with the Main Page, if you are intrepid (there is a LOT of stuff there), or chunk it down into bite-size portions by checking out the categories: Click on a link and go crazy! Firepolish, Pressed Glass, Swarovski Crystal, Seedbeads, Stone and Pearls, Preciosa Crystal, Metal Beads, Other Cool Beads, Findings, Metal Clay & Supplies or Books, Kits, Tools. Look for the "new" tags!

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