Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Offbeat Bride

Wedding season is coming up, and with it a bunch of stressed out brides trying to please everyone except themselves.  Before you plan too much - take a look at Offbead Bride. I'll admit, I got completely distracted with this site. It's fascinating - be sure to pour a cup of something before you sit down.  Dwyn sent me the link last week, but I just recently got a chance to poke around - there are a lot of really cool DIY projects on how to make a fairy veil, blinging your wedding numbers and such, but truly it's the stories! A couple headlines catching my interest are:

*Casey & Aarons cajun bollywood wedding
*Should I tell my Christian grandmother about my pagan wedding?
    "I have a very close relationship with my Grandmother, however, in all my years of being so close  with her, I, uh, 'forgot' to mention that I am not Christian, but in fact Pagan."   heh...oops

And lots more! We all know weddings are ridiculously stressful. My own wedding was relaxed, fun, and very casual.  The only stressful part was losing the boats in the fog, and almost not having our family watch...although the seals were keeping us company :-)

(hubby and I got married on a shoal off the coast of Lunenburg, NS, and  the guests were brought to the wedding by various friends with boats.  The fog rolled in, and we lost everyone. Fortunately, we had a piper - everyone just followed the music) 

Did you know that in Lunenburg you can get a 4 tiered wedding cake covered in sugar daisy's for $75!  Hair and makeup set me back $35 at the local salon.
I suppose it may have changed somewhat since then - it was over 10 years ago now...but still.  Our bill for the Inn (4 rooms included), incredible gourmet dinner, with drinks for everyone was less than $2000. If you're willing to be a little creative, and roll with it - you can have the best wedding in the world for a reasonable price, and fairly stress free. :-)

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