Sunday, May 01, 2011

The Joy of Metal Clay - Bronze Dragonfly

Here is the fired dragonfly that I discussed making last week. I am disappointed with it for many reasons. For one I think that the chaos in my life recently had made it difficult to focus on any one thing. When this happens it is a good reminder to slow down and take a moment to focus. I think this little guy is a beginning but not what I had hoped. Anyway, I don' t mind sharing my disappointments along with the victories.


Of note, I noticed the cz's turned out a little hazy. This is the second time I have fired gemstones in metal clay. I think that the reason they became hazy is that although I allowed the piece to cool in the kiln overnight, carbon was still hot when I removed to piece and when I dunked the piece in cold water it probably caused the cz to cloud over (I didn't think the piece was hot enough to cause this to happen...lesson learned).

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