Monday, May 23, 2011

Spring Sprang - Late, but still welcome!

Spring finally sprang this weekend - and what a welcome relief it was. Couldn't actually do much in the way of gardening. I dug a hole to transplant something, and the hole filled up with water from the bottom, so I though maybe I would leave that for a bit!

Last year - I blogged that my Peony had bloomed on May 17th - and the year before, on the 25th. It currently has a multitude of huge, fat and very promising buds on it this year - but it definitely seems behind from where it was on previous years!

This year, I decided to apply some of my colour coordinating skills to what I plant in the garden! Usually, I take the "kid in the candy store" approach - some of this, and this, and oooo - must have that, and that, and that ... .

I spotted some Black Petunias while on a reconnaissance mission to the local building supply. Those were a must-have! They are soooo gorgeous. Velvety and a rich dark black you can sink into. Actually - they are called "Black Velvet." The Blue-purple or violet and the red-purple or magenta petunias looked so awesome with the black - and a dash of blue Lobelia. Oh, and some more black with a black Coleus. So, working around the black petunias - I picked the other colours to look really punchy and high-impact. I wanted some white too, a pure bright white. in something small, like alyssium - but all that they had looked ill. So I passed on the white. I think that what I got will have drama enough as it is!

I don't think I would have picked these colours for beads - but maybe I should? 'Course - beads are a lot easier - consistent colours, and they don't die if you can't water them - but maybe I should try for something with Black, Violet and Magenta. It would be very goth, anyway. (Hmmm - maybe black chain with Swarovski Amethyst, Jet and Tanzanite?)

So the flower pots are all done and ready to go - but the ground planting will have to wait a bit for the ground to dry out.

Have a lovely day Victoria Day! Be safe!

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jen said...

Gorgeous! I picked up two lovely hanging baskets from Loblaws yesterday - Overflowing with those gorgeous black velvet petunias. I'm off to hunt for some more for my planter boxes now.