Thursday, May 26, 2011

Not bead related at all - but YUM!

Seriously...Chocolate Nutella cake in under 5 minutes. The girls and I just had some as a rather decadent after school snack. I didn't have any Nutella, so I swapped it out with peanut butter. Use a very, very large mug - or divide it into two large mugs. The portion size is gigantic. We just made the one mug - it was plenty for the three of us.

Ok - to get to the actual recipe. Click on the image, then click on the image again on Pinterest. The recipe will then come up.


The BeadFX Buyer said...

So....where's the recipe?

jen said...

lol! You have to click the picture, and then click the picture again in Pinterest. Sorry - that really is quite roundabout isn't it? ;-)