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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Zentangle on polymer

As you may remember from my posts just before Christmas. I ordered myself an official Zentangle kit for myself as a Christmas present. It arrived just after Christmas, and I've had a bit of a chance to do some tangles - both on paper, and on polymer clay!
Here are some of my very first 'Zentangles' that  I posted on Flickr

I tried tangling directly on a polymer clay pendant, rather than use an image transfer. For the first one, I let the ink dry for about 30 minutes, then tried doing some shading with pencil. This didn't work. As soon as I went to blend the pencil shading in, the ink smudged. I guess fired polymer isn't porous enough to actually let the ink dry properly. I then poured on a layer of diamond glaze to seal the ink - another fail! The ink started lifting as soon as I poured the glaze. You can see in the image all of the smudges and general ickyness.

I was pretty determined at this point to get it to work, so I used a heat gun for a few minutes to try to really dry the ink. This seemed to work a bit better, but you can see in the picture around the rim of the pendant hole has discolored. I do think the best method may in fact be an image transfer process.  I'll try that later tonight, and if it works, I'll outline the steps for you.  Another option would be to prime the surface of the polymer clay first with something. I'm not sure what exactly...

Stay tuned tomorrow for more attempts at getting this to work :-)

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