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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Diane Fitzgerald

It's not even February yet, and some of the classes are already filling up. So sign up now while you still can. Diane Fitzgerald, jewellery designer and author, is teaching 4 workshops at beadFX in March. I'm super excited and I know a lot of you are too.

Her designs are amazing and she's an awesome teacher. If you're like "what the heck? I didn't know about this" or "who's Diane Fitzgerald?", see details below.

March 9
Moorish Tile Beads

moorish tile beads

March 10
Gingko Leaf Necklace

gingko leaf necklace

March 11
African Circle Stitch Necklace and Butterfly Necklace

March 12
Crystal Helix Necklace and Flowerette Bracelet

P.S. Don't panic. If you really want to take the classes and you're thinking "jeez, all these Swarovskis must cost a ton", you're right, they do. But for this class ONLY, you'll be getting a special price. It's a sweet deal!

Adios Amigas!

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