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Sunday, January 02, 2011

The Joy of Metal Clay: Creative Goals

Day two of the new year is upon us, it is often a time of setting goals.

I have been thinking about my creative goals this coming year. Here they are so far:

  1. To clean up my studio. This a a constant challenge but with the recent holidays my studio has been greatly neglected.
  2. Along the same theme I will work on labeling all my tools and clearing out any excess. I am a collector of stuff and realize it would be a good idea to PURGE of some of the excess that hasn't proven to be that useful.
  3. To work on the cuff link idea and project I had but have yet to attempt. (I will share it, when it is done.)
  4. To purchase some of Hadar's base metal clay and play with it.
  5. To listen to music more often when I am in my studio (and in general).
  6. To remember to take breaks and stretch while I am working.
  7. To clean up my work space when I am done. I have a bad habitof leaving things out with the anticipation that I will return to it.
  8. To make a spoon out of metal clay.
Are you making any goals for yourself?

Happy New Year!

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