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Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Joy of Metal Clay: Metal Clay Play Days

Today is Metal Clay Play day at BeadFX. I am fortunate enough to fill in for Jennifer Tough today, the usual host, and my first Metal Clay Instructor. (Metal Clay Play days are held monthly, check the BeadFX Class Calendar for dates.)

Metal Clay Play day is a fun day filled with people with a love of metal clay. It is a chance to use all the fabulous metal clay tools that find their home at BeadFx and to socialize (if you wish) with other like minded folk. It is often a chance to get inspiration or learn a trick from a fellow artist.

Here are some pictures of what some of us were up to today.

Marjia was working with Prometheus Bronze Clay:

She found that the clay was quite elastic and this was hard to get used to.

Christine came with some great tools and ideas. Here she is working with a clamp on magnifier.

Also Christine came with this great can of Olive Oil!!! Hmm...I never had thought about buying it that way.

Valerie made a lot of great things.
Here she is making a really neat wavy square/diamond shape.

For some reason I didn't get any pictures of Kathleen. She did some fun things and even worked with her silver paper clay. Also she brought her olive oil in a pump contained that sprayed like a can (I remember I used have one and I think it was called a Misto). Sorry, I was having so much fun. I didn't get a picture.

Sandra, made a linked copper bracelet!!!

Here is what I was up to (I was working with Fast Fire Bronze Clay):

A name....and a round pendant with lots of CZ's the inner portion spins....

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Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to hearing about your experience with Fast Fire Bronze!