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Monday, January 17, 2011

How to make jewelry = What kind of jewelry do you want to make?

Always, we get emails and people coming into the store, who come and tell us: "I want to make jewelry, where do I start?"

And we always respond with, "What kind of jewelry do you want to make?" because, "making jewelry" is a really big topic. A macramed, hemp friendship-bracelet and the crown jewels of England are both "jewelry" - but the techniques to make either one are decidedly different!

So, we're going to start a new series of blog posts that tackle "How to make Jewelry for the Complete Newbie" - but we'd like some input from you, dear readers - especially any newbies that come across this post - but also those who want to expand into new areas.

What kind of jewelry do you want to make? Leave a comment at the end of this post (you can leave an anonymous comment if you like) - or email "" Links to examples online are useful, or just describe what you want to make. (No, we will not be teaching you how to duplicate other people's copyrighted designs.)

Because, we've all learned the hard way that you can spend 15 minutes describing how to choose a beading wire and how to crimp - only to discover that what your questioner wanted was to learn to make rhinestone piercing rings. ;-) (True story!)


Unknown said...

I like the tedious stuff- wire wrapping, beading cabochons, bead weaving.
Not a newbie, been at it a while.

Anonymous said...

I started making beaded jewelry in the 1970's. I became a beader in the 1980's. When I was learning there were no magazines and books were few and far between. Most of what I learned I learned from other beaders. Nonetheless, I purchased Horace Goodhue's Indian Bead-Weaving Patterns and an entire new world opened up to me. This is a basic, no frills book and I still love it.