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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Zentangle and Maya

I have my oldest daughter home sick today. While I was writing the blog post from earlier today, she watched Milliande's video that I posted earlier. She sat next to me completely, and utterly fascinated by the process. Then she disappeared.  After writing the blog post, I ran up to get in the shower (we had  quite a late morning). When I came back down to the living room, she showed me this:

Maya is 7 years old! Could just be proud Mama syndrome, but I think there is definitely some talent there :-) I wonder if she'll share my new Zentangle kit with me? ;-)


Gail Bryant said...

Oh yah, I think she's talented too. Kudos to Maya! Nice work... you go girl - keep doodling. Hey Jen, maybe you and Maya can market your Zentangle doodles as clay impression sheets. :-) Gail

jen said...

I dunno about that :-) I think Maya will be 'zentangling' far more than I will. My carpal tunnel won't allow me to spend a huge amount of time on them.

Maya though has now created about a dozen of them. She's even convinced hubby to go buy her some good pens. According to her, ours 'suck' :-) lol!

I might make some polymer clay tearaways, or some photopolymer sheets of hers.