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Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Joy of Metal Clay - Free Resources

Oprah has her favorite things for Christmas which she shares with her audience. Unfortunately I am not so affluent so I willl share with you my favorite Free resources instead.

The internet has a plethora of resources on any topic and there are many many resources out there for the metal clay artist. Cool Tools is a US supplier of a fun variety of tools for metal clay but also have a variety of articles about metal clay. Two of my favorite resources that they have are: - Whole Lotta Whimsy is another online company that sells metal clay items but also has great resources. My favorite is their kiln comparison guide. Here are a few more:
Metal Clay Today is a free online magazine you can subscribe to.

Metal Clay Academy is a central online resource of Resources!!! It has tons of information and will refer you to many other online sources.

A gigantic group that you can become a member of is the Yahoo group called the Metal Clay Gallery which has over 5000 members and is a source of information sharing. You can join by going to Yahoo groups and signing up. I think this link should work Yahoo Groups MCG

A new online resource that I have not explored much is Metal Clay Guru

There are many many other resources but these are a few of my favorite. If you have any you want to share please do.

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