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Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Joy of Metal Clay: Adding a Touch of Colour - Pebeo Paints

There are many ways to add colour to metal clay such as coloured resin, enamel, liver of sulphur.... The latest one that I have finally decided to play with is the use of paints. Pebeo makes a variety of paints for ceramics and glass that people have found them to be useful for metal clay. I had dabbled a bit with them but had longed to purchase a collection of colours and really use them. Yesterday, I finally bought a big collection (my local Art Store was having a sale - always a good excuse to spend some money!).

First, Pebeo has a selection of different types of paints (Pebeo Porcelaine 150, Vitrail 160 and Vitrea). I am not sure what the difference is between them all and I have a feeling that they are all suitable for metal clay. I bought both the Porcelaine 150 and Vitrail 160...the numbers refer to the recommended temperature to set the colours. The directions indicate that you apply the paint to porcelain (Porcelaine) or glass (Vitrail), let it dry and then set the paint in the oven at either 150 or 160F. I have found both these paints will work on metal clay.

"Green Leaf"

"Multicoloured Deco Circles"

This one features a texture that is by Helen Breil

Overall, I like the paints, I think I need to practice to get a nice smooth layer on but otherwise I like the ease of use. I still want to perfect enamelling and other techniques but for an "instant gratification girl" like me these work quite nicely.

Pebeo has a website for more information


Gail Bryant said...

Hi Heather, I found the Pebeo website to be "en francais"... couldn't seem to find an English version. Did you find an English version? Sadly, my French is way too minimal.

Fine Silver Girl said...

The site has a translator on it you just pick english.
or try this

Lis Simpson said...

Hi! I teach the Art Clay Silver class north of Toronto in using Vitrea 160 with the Art Clay Silver. I've created my own instruction sheet, but anyone can download instructions from the website:

BTW, Heather, I have you listed as another teacher in my Resources.