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Sunday, December 05, 2010

The Joy of Metal Clay - Holiday Inspirations

The holiday season is upon us. What type of holiday inspired metal clay items have you or will you make? Personally, I celebrate I am inclined to make Christmas tree ornaments and jewellery.

I love Christmas yet my inclination to create more winter themed items. There are two reasons for this: 1) Silver makes great snow & 2) I like my jewellery to be wearable for longer than a month.

Here are a few examples:
Snowmen earrings
(my Mom thinks they look like penguins....I think she is kinda right)
These are made with different sized circles and syringe to make the nose and arms
I have another pair that I made with dichroic glass bellies.

Snowman Pendant/Brooch

BTW - I love Snowmen!!! I guess it is kind of obvious.

I have a selection of holiday cutters but you don't need to go out a buy a bunch you can draw your own template and create your creations.

I have been inspired to create a Christmas tree brooch with various gemstones. I have a vintage brooch from my mother which is my inspiration (I have yet to make it). Here is a picture it may inspire you.
Vintage Tree Brooch....

This past Friday, I went into a new shop in my neighbourhood (Madam
e Gateaux - cake decorating shop). I found these great snowflake cutters (great price too $3.50)

Cool Cutters

Yesterday I made these...
Snowflake earrings....they are just brushed satin finish...I may tumble polish them later)

Yesterday I made this pendant and earrings (pendant still needs to be fired)...
Snowflake Pendant (still needs a few repairs and a bail, I think I may hang it the other way)

These are some of my holiday creations and inspirations. What will you make?

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