Friday, September 24, 2010

Inspiration Friday

Happy Friday everyone!

We have a new Inspiration Friday post for you this week. We would love for you to participate! Here's how it works: Every week, I post a new picture. If the picture inspires you to make something (anything at all really), send a pic of the item you made to with the subject line "Inspiration Friday".  You don't have to complete it in one week - take as long as you like. The idea is to get you creating, and possibly working with colours or materials that you wouldn't normally work with.

Here is a bracelet I've made based on the fall image from last week. It's not quite done. This bracelet took me quite a while compiling the beads, wiring them up, and such. The bracelet also contains some boro leaves, and some handmade bronze components. It needs a fancy clasp, and I'm now making a handmade one for the bracelet. I'll show the finished bracelet in a week or two once I get the clasp finished.

And now we have a new inspiration pic for you. Go forth and make something!

Atlantic Sentinal (Member's Choice Photo of the Day, Main Feature: 08/29/10)

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